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Welcome to my blog.

I am Smrithi from Udupi, India. Welcome all of you to my Blog.

Well about me.... I am not a professional cook but cooking is my passion. Since my childhood I have developed interest in this area. This makes me feel so calm and happy. At the age of 14 I entered my kitchen for the first time, use to prepare simple dishes. But due to schooling and career couldn't spend much time. And now I have converted my "interest" to "passion".

The key persons involved in supporting, motivating me in every aspect are my dear hubby and my parents. My mother used to always say whatever you do, do it with all your heart. I have comprised this in me and I think because of this I am able to prepare a delicious dish.

In this Blog the recipe posted by me are tried and tasted personally by me. The main reason to create this Blog is to share the recipe among people where they can also prepare and serve their near and dear one's and enjoy the flavor of food. Any suggestions/comment will be greatly appreciated. 

Appreciate your interest in knowing about me.

Thank you.

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