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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Vegetable Cutlet

One of the best cutlet that I ate so far is from Diana Hotel Udupi and Pabbas Mangalore. They serve the best vegetable cutlets in South Canara. I always wanted to try cutlets like the mentioned above hotels and finally I tried one of the recipe which gave the similar taste that we get in Pabbas. This is not the authentic recipe of Pabbas. I myself created this recipe by feeling the flavours and ingredients that I felt while eating Cutlet there. I have used homemade bread crumbs to prepare this cutlet also I have deep fried the cutlet. You can shallow fry them to get rid of excess oil.

Preparation Time : 25 min
Cooking Time       : 25 min
Serves                   : 4

English Name For Ingredients
Hindi Names For Ingredients
1 Large
1 Medium
1 Medium
Beans Minced
हरी सेम
½ Cup
Green Chillies Minced
हरी मिर्च कीमा बनाया हुआ
2 tsp
Ginger Garlic Paste
अदरक लहसुन पेस्ट
1 tsp
Garlic Cloves
Cumin Powder
जीरा पाउडर
¼ tsp
Garam Masala Powder
गरम मसाला पाउडर
1 tsp
Amchur Powder
आमचूर पाउडर
¼ tsp
Corn Flour
मकई का आटा
1 to 2 tsp
Bread Crumbs
For Coating
For frying
To taste


1)Boil potatoes and mash them. Also boil minced beans, carrots and beetroot all together and keep aside.
2)Heat a skillet with a table spoon of oil. Add minced green chilli, ginger garlic paste and sauté. Also add chopped onion and fry till soft.

3)Add boiled beans, carrots and beetroot and stir fry for few minutes. Keep sautéing in between. Add mashed potatoes and combine well.

4)Further keep mashing with the help of masher until all the vegetables gets mix together well. Add salt, spice powders and finely crushed garlic cloves at the end. Give it a good mix and turn off the flame.

5)Prepare corn flour slurry in a bowl and keep aside. Allow the mixture to get cool. Add ¼ cup of bread crumbs to the mixture and mix well.
6)Take a handful off mixture and give a desired shape. Similarly do same for the remaining mixture and arrange in a plate before deep frying or shallow frying.

7)I have deep fried the cutlets here. For the healthier dish you can shallow fry the cutlets.
8)Take one piece of cutlet in hand dip it in corn flour slurry and roll it with bread crumbs. Leave on to oil one by one and fry evenly all the sides till crisp.

9)Do not flip the cutlets soon as there are chances of breaking them into pieces. Once they are half crisped, flip and fry the other side.

10)Remove on to absorbent paper and serve hot vegetable cutlets with mint chutney dip or ketchup’s.

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