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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sweet Banana Gojju / Kele Gojju

Whenever you have over ripe banana at home and you do not feel like having, you can prepare a simple yet delicious dish out of these banana's. "Banana Gojju" which means smashed and spiced banana's. You need very few ingredients to prepare gojju. When some guests arrives at your home without prior intimation then I must say this is the best side dish you can serve them. You can also check recipe of Ripe Banana Tava Fry.

Preparation Time : 10 min
Serves                   : 4

Ingredients ::

English Name For Ingredients
Hindi Names For Ingredients
Ripe Banana
पका केला
Green Chillies
हरी मिर्च
1/2 tbsp
Curry Leaves
करी पत्ते
Mustard Seeds
सरसों के बीज
1 tbsp
Dry Red Chilli
सूखी लाल मिर्च
For tempering
To taste

Preparation ::

  1. Prepare a green chilli paste and add jaggery in a bowl. Mix nicely so that it gets blend very well.
  2. Remove the outer cover of banana's and place onto bowl. Mash them and let it get mix properly with chilli, salt and jaggery.
  3. You can add water if you feel its too thick.
  4. Heat a small frying pan add oil, when it is heated add mustard seeds. Allow it splutter, add small pieces of dry red chillies and curry leaves.
  5. Mix this tempering to the mashed banana's. Your banana gojju is ready to serve for lunch.

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