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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pani Puri

Pani Puri or Golgappa is everyone's favourite snack which drools out mouth by the imagination. This is a North Indian Snack as well as street food where "pani" means water(mixed with different flavours) and Puri is a round fried dough balls fried crisp and golden. In Mumbai people call it as Pani Puri and other parts of the North India people call as Golgappa's. These are made with variety of fillings such as Chickpeas, Moong Sprouts, Onion, Green Peas, Potatoes and so on. I like the filling of Boiled potato and onion. I have given the recipe of same here. I have used home made puri's to prepare Golgappa. You can also check the recipe of Home made Puri's in my blog.

Preparation Time : 30 min
Serves                   : 4

Ingredients ::

English Name For Ingredients
Hindi Names For Ingredients
For Preparing the Paani ::
Mint Leaves
पुदीने की पत्तियां
1/2 Cup Chopped
Coriander Leaves
हरा धनिया
1/2 Cup Chopped
Green Chillies
हरी मिर्च
Lemon Juice
नींबू का रस
1/2 tbsp
Paani Puri Masala Powder
पानी पुरी मसाला पाउडर
2 tbsp
Chaat Masala Powder
चाट मसाला पाउडर
1/2 tbsp
To Taste
For the Filling ::
2 Large
2 Large
Coriander Leaves
हरा धनिया
4 tbsp Chopped
To taste
Chaat Masala Powder
चाट मसाला पाउडर
A pinch

Preparation ::

For preparing Paani ::
  1. Grind mint leaves and green chillies to a fine paste adding little water.
  2. For 1 ltr water mix mint chilli paste, salt, paani puri masala powder, Chaat masala powder and lemon juice.
  3. Stir well and keep it in fridge to make it cold.

For the filling ::
  1. Boil potatoes in a cooker taking 4 whistles and nicely mash them. Add salt to the mashed potatoes and keep aside.
  2. Finely chop onion and coriander leaves, add salt and keep aside.
  3. In a Plate keep 6-7 puri's make a small hole in between in the upper part of the puri.
  4. Fill the puri's with the little quantity of mashed potatoes, finely chopped onion and coriander leaves.
  5. Again fill it  with chilled paani and serve immediately.
  6. You can also prepare sukha poori out of unpuffed poori's by keeping above little mashed potatoes , onion & coriander leaves. Sprinkle a pinch of salt n chaat masala powder and serve at the end.

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