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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Poori / Puri Recipe

Preparation Time : 15 min
Cooking Time       : 25 min
Serves                   : 4

Ingredients :

English Name For Ingredients
Hindi Names For Ingredients
Whole Wheat Flour
गेहूं का आटा
1 Cup
1/4 Cup
To taste
2 tbsp
For deep frying

Preparation :
  1. Take a bowl add wheat flour, salt and water, seive and knead well. You need to keep putting little quantity of water and knead so that you will get the exact measurement .
  2. Your dough should be such that there shouldn't be any stickiness of the flour. It should be stiff and tight.
  3. Add ghee and knead for 5 more minutes and keep aside for 15 minutes.
  4. Take a small portion of the dough (small lemon size) and give a round shape. Apply oil to the dough ball and Using rolling pin roll the dough evenly into circle which should be around 2 inch circle. It should be not too thin nor thick.
  5. Heat a kadai and add oil for deep frying, In a medium flame when the oil is sufficient hot leave one poori at a time. It will puff immediately if not keep beating it gently and it will puff. Once it is golden turn to other side of the poori and fry.
  6. Remove from the oil onto absorbent paper and serve hot along with Potato Baaji, Sagu, Aamras or any other gravy of your choice.

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